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Custom Installation

custom floor installation Sonoma County CA
Our expert flooring installers. Left: Alvaro Arellano. Right:Otnit Arellano.
Our expert flooring installers. Left: Jose Vidrio. Right: Luis Vidrio.
Left: Our expert flooring installer Felipe Arellano. Right: Rob regularly consults with the installation crew to ensure that each installation proceeds smoothly.

All our projects are approached in the most professional manner, whether we’re working with an architect, builder, or directly with the homeowner. We strive to be on time, efficient, and thorough in our day-to-day projects.

Our talented crew of installers are craftsmen who work with the best quality tools and supplies, such as the dustless sanding system used for all of our hardwood installations. They bring years of knowledge and experience working with our natural flooring materials, such as hardwood, cork, linoleum and carpet. Custom work is our specialty. We install flooring throughout Northern California.

We would be happy to provide references to clients or contractors who have used our services and experienced our wonderful products.

We strive for quality, "naturally."