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Natural seagrass flooring
Natural seagrass flooring.

A number of different tall plants grown in wet areas of South Asia are used to make seagrass fibers which can be woven into carpets and mats. Barefeet love the feel of the soft but stimulating seagrass fibers.

A noticeable characteristic of processed seagrass is its soft, sage green colors that range from a greenish tan to khaki-olive. Seagrass starts out a lovely green tone, gradually turning more golden with time. You'll love the natural evolution of your seagrass floor.

Seagrass fibers retain the grassy, hay-like scent that is characteristic of the plant—a natural scent which dissipates over time.

This fiber is never dyed, so you will see a complete range of natural colors in each rug.

Seagrass rugs are durable, resilient and resistant to spills and soiling. It will bring the comforting look and feel of nature into your home or office. You can even add a decorative binding to accent your unique décor.  Visit our showroom to see samples and experience the pleasure of natural seagrass rugs.

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