Bamboo is an outstanding environmentally conscious flooring choice.

It is one of the most renewable and abundant natural resources on the planet, and is nature’s fastest growing plant! Because it is a grass rather than a wood, bamboo can be selectively re-harvested year after year.

It’s made from giant bamboo specifically grown for building. It has a beautiful grain that can be hard to distinguish from hardwood, or it can have a very unique, very bamboo look. It can be cut, stained and finished in a wide variety of options.

At Natürlich we recommend strand woven bamboo to replicate the advantages of strength and durability common in hardwood flooring. Because bamboo fibers run in the long direction they can weaken over time. In strand woven bamboo the fibers are woven at a 90 degree angle to each other creating a cross hatching effect that makes it extremely durable.

Our bamboo flooring is produced as solid plank or engineered flooring. It's easy to install and can be nailed, floated (laid over a subfloor with interlocking planks) or glued down (no-VOC adhesives are used). We offer full service installation as well as the strongest factory finishes with warranties of 24 years and greater.

Some bamboo flooring facts:

• Bamboo is harder and more durable than many hardwoods according to ASTM testing
• Bamboo is more stable than many hardwoods because of moisture content changes
• Bamboo is easy to clean and great for those with allergies
• Bamboo can provide an exotic look
• Bamboo is easy to install

We invite you to visit our showroom to see a wide range of samples as well as installed bamboo on our floors.

Some of our of the bamboo product lines:

Cali Bamboo


Natural Bamboo