Natural linoleum is a uniquely pure and uncomplicated flooring material.

Natural linoleum is quite an impressive flooring material. It's durable, clean and allergen-free—perfect for the entire house. Even the adhesives used to install linoleum are environmentally friendly, totally free of solvents and meet all low VOC (volatile organic compound) requirements.

In use all over the world since the 1800s, linoleum is made from natural ingredients—linseed oil from flax, wood flour, rosins, limestone, pigments and jute.

It is exceptionally durable, it’s anti-static (so dirt doesn’t stick to it), fire-resistant and even anti-bacterial! Linoleum is pure, uncomplicated and free from asbestos, formaldehyde and hazardous chemicals.


Available in a Wide Selection of Colors and Looks

Linoleum can be installed in tiles or sheets. Your floor can be a visual focal point or a quiet background. With over 100 color choices and unlimited design possibilities, linoleum makes it possible for you to personalize every room - and do it with a good conscience.

For the DYI homeowner, Natürlich has Marmoleum® Click panels in a 24-color collection. These panels are easily installed as a solid color, or in attractive patterns.

Stop by our showroom to see the latest colors and design ideas. We offer free quotes and we professionally install all our products. We also stock some Forbo Marmoleum care products at our showroom.

Natural linoleum brands we offer: