Natural plant fibers offer unique features and make excellent floor coverings.

At Natürlich we carry a full range of natural plant fiber floor coverings. We have samples of sisal and seagrass at our showroom. They each have their own particular appeal and unique benefits and can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.

Sisal and seagrass are by far the most common plant fiber floor covering choices. They are produced without harmful chemicals and are easy to clean, so they are a great choice for those with chemical sensitivities, allergies or asthma.

The manufacturing process for plant fiber floor coverings has much less impact on the environment than do synthetic materials. And they are biodegradable so they aren't as problematic in landfills as synthetic carpets when they are removed.

we carry A wide variety of textures and colors in Sisal

we carry A wide variety of textures and colors in Sisal


Sisal is the most popular plant fiber used for floor covering. It is obtained from the agave plant and is extremely durable, rugged and a very versatile material. It can be used to make carpets in a variety of textures, patterns, colors and weaves. Sisal is often used in its natural color and also comes in a broad range of dyed colors. The agave plant is grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides.

The natural look of sisal is perfect for both area rugs and wall-to-wall uses. Sisal’s inherent beauty complements most any design theme. It can also be combined with other natural materials such as wool for a softer hand.

Sisal carpets are also naturally sound-absorbing, anti-static and don't trap dust. Because it is so durable sisal is a great choice for staircases, it can even be installed on walls! It’s easy to maintain with just vacuuming.

At Natürlich we install sisal on a wide variety of surfaces. We can also help you to custom design your own area rug with a variety of beautiful edge treatments. 


There are a number of different plants grown in the wet and coastal areas of South Asia which provide the fibers that are woven into what is known as seagrass for carpets and mats. Barefeet love the smooth but stimulating feel of seagrass!

One unique characteristic of seagrass flooring is its natural coloring. The fiber is never dyed so it starts out a lovely greenish tone and gradually turns more golden with time. You'll love the natural evolution of your seagrass floor!

Seagrass is durable, resilient and resistant to spills and soiling. It brings the look and feel of nature into your home or work space. You can even add a decorative binding to accent your unique décor. Seagrass fibers retain the grassy, hay-like scent that is characteristic of the plant—a natural scent which dissipates over time.

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