Cork Wall Coverings

Add interest and all the benefits of cork to a bland wall…


WE Cork Wall Coverings:

This cork wall covering is made from the eco-friendly cork oak from the area surrounding the Mediterranean. The bark is harvested every nine years and regrows over the 200+ year life of the tree. These panels are a stunning decor choice, plus you get the soundproofing, insulation, health benefits and sustainability of cork!

The panels come in a variety of styles that look like natural cork bark, like brick, like wood or even distressed repurposed wood! You can have all these great looks - plus the other wonderful advantages of cork.

Stop by the Natürlich showroom to see a wall of this material and samples of the options available.


Environmentally Friendly Wallpaper

Bring flare and brilliance to dull spaces…


Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper:

With a focus on grasscloths, Phillip Jeffries offers a wide range of natural materials, such as raffia, abaca, arrow root, silk and linen, to accent and heighten the visual appeal of your walls.

Not only has Phillip Jeffries been in production of gorgeous wall coverings for 40 years, they are also dedicated to the environment through sustainability efforts in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. For every order Phillip Jeffries receives one tree is planted. So far, 100,000 trees have been planted. Not bad!

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