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Natural Flooring for Kitchens

Have you wondered what the best natural flooring choices are for the room that is the hub of activity in your home? Kitchens are generally the hardest working room in the house. It’s where everyone tends to congregate, there’s heavy traffic at mealtimes and it’s where all the daily work of cooking and cleaning happens. Kitchens gets used by everyonein the family, even the pets, and they often have an alternate entry to the home, so there can be lots of movement from exterior to interior.

 At Natürlich our top go-to choices for kitchens are natural linoleum and cork. Hardwood and engineered hardwood are also options. Of course there are ceramic tile and concrete, but many find the hard surface not to be foot-friendly and can mean more breakage when kitchen items land on it. 

Here are our favorites…

 Linoleum for Kitchens

True linoleum is a no-brainer for a kitchen. Keep in mind real linoleum is NOT the same as vinyl, which has drawbacks because of the impact on the environment in the manufacturing and the disposal processes, plus it can off-gas and often is susceptible to tearing when moving appliances, furniture, etc. 

 Linoleum is durable, affordable, feels good to walk on and it’s easy to clean. It’s made from natural, renewable, biodegradable materials. At Natürlich Flooring we carry the Marmoleum brand, made mainly from linseed oil, which is inherently antimicrobial plus it’s anti-static which means it repels dirt rather than collecting it.

 These days linoleum is sought after for its retro look, plus it comes in a rainbow of fun colors and surface patterns that allow you to create unique designs. Marmoleum comes in sheet and tile form, as well as click tiles.


Cork for Kitchens

Cork is another excellent flooring choice for a kitchen. It’s probably the most sustainable flooring material you can find … after harvesting, the tree is still in tact! It’s cellular structure is unique and resists water and moisture. It’s cushioned, reduces sounds and is not slick to walk on - the textured surface can even help prevent slipping. 

 In a kitchen cork holds up well to wear and can be refinished and re-sealed. It comes in both planks and tiles. Planks are most common, but tiles have proven to be more durable over time.

 Because of its newfound popularity, there are more colors and variety of styles in cork flooring than ever before. You can find great natural looking cork to complement any décor. 


 Hardwood for Kitchens

Hardwood flooring looks great in many kitchens and can increase the value of a home. Although it takes a little more care than linoleum or cork to stay looking beautiful, hardwood is very popular these days. It’s especially pleasing when you want a uniform continuity of flooring material from one living space to another in an open floor plan. 

 Both factory and on-site finishes have leapt forward in durability over the years. Whether it’s a solid hardwood or a more stable engineered floor, today’s finishes can survive the toughest foot traffic, especially in a wide plank.

 Many finishes are moisture resistant, but all spills should be cleaned up quickly and not left to sit. Regular vacuuming, sweeping and cleaning with a good wood cleaner will keep them clean and looking great.