At Natürlich, we are THE cork flooring authority in Northern California.

Our expert installers have put cork floors into homes, wineries, wine caves as well as many other commercial installations.

Cork brings nature into your space with warm, beautiful colors and patterns. Extracted from the bark of the cork oak tree, cork thrives best in the groves of Mediterranean countries. It is an excellent example of sustainable product use. The bark is peeled off the tree every decade and the tree itself can live for hundreds of years!

Legendary American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright loved using cork floors. They were often used in commercial spaces in the 1950’s all over the United States. Today cork can be used in public buildings, retail spaces, schools, galleries, and concert halls, as well as residential environments. Natural cork is a superior flooring product where low maintenance, dependability, durability, comfort and beauty are required.

Cork is a wonderful choice when you want a comfortable cushion underfoot. It's natural resilience is easy on your joints, especially in rooms where you stand a long time, such as kitchens. It is naturally fire resistant, thermally and acoustically insulating, anti-microbial and insect repellent. Today cork is available in many colors and patterns. It is made into tiles or click planks.

We have cork that looks just like wood, like stone, like concrete - even cork that looks like cork!

Did you know? Cork can even be refinished - Natürlich's expert installers know just how to refinish cork and will leave your floors looking like new.

In our showroom you’ll see a wide range of cork flooring samples including many looks and styles in currently available colors. And as with all our flooring options, we offer free quotes and professionally install all our products.

AND now you can drop off your wine bottle corks at our showroom and we'll recycle them for you through ReCORK, North America's largest cork recycling program!

Some of our cork flooring suppliers:

WE Cork

Duro Cork

Wicanders Cork


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 Just a few of our new Wicanders

Cork styles



 Lane Quartz

Linn Blush


Flock Chestnut


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